Company Profile

Anchorstone Holdings Limited is a leading and well-established subcontractor in Hong Kong specializing primarily in supply and installation of marble and granite for construction projects, with an operation history of over 22 years. In 2016, we were the second largest marble and granite works contractor in Hong Kong in terms of revenue with a market share of approximately 11.0% according to the CIC Report.

As a specialist contractor in marble and granite supply and installation in Hong Kong, we undertake marble and granite works for a wide range of building and property types in Hong Kong, including commercial buildings, residential buildings, hotels and public infrastructures. We provide one-stop comprehensive services principally covering the following scope:

  • Recommending and sourcing marble and granite prescribed by our customers or otherwise conformed to the requirements of our customers;
  • Arranging fabrications of the marble and granite into customised sizes;
  • Arranging delivery and installation of marble and granite on external cladding of buildings, landscape and/or interiors of the buildings such as entrance lobbies, kitchens and bathrooms;
  • Arranging post-installation services such as polishing and cleaning.

We also occasionally sell stones including marble and granite on project and wholesale basis.