Our Products & Services

We supply marble and granite and provide relevant installation services for construction projects in Hong Kong. Marble and granite supplied by our Group are used in a variety of decorative settings for areas such as entrance lobbies, kitchens and bathrooms as well as external cladding of buildings and landscape. It has become popular in both residential and commercial properties to have marble and granite mouldings or columns with different polished profiles or edges for use in both the interior and exterior of the buildings to improve their looks and that marble and granite counter-tops, which are designed for bathrooms and kitchens, marble and granite claddings for window sills and different marble and granite pattern dados or floor patterns are widely used in residential and commercial properties.

When we are engaged as subcontractor, we will form a project management team to oversee and manage the marble and granite supply and installation project to timely monitor individual task or work (e.g. quarry visit and stone selection, procurement arrangement, coordinating with our customers and subcontractors, monitor the work progress and supervise the overall workforce on site, inspection of the stones and panels throughout different stages of our project to ensure the stones meet the requirements of our customer, etc.).

We also participated in projects that only relates to the supply of different specifications of marble and granite.